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Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas is right around the corner, we’ve created a list of gift guide you need for everyone on your list. Here are some of our top picks for gifts under $200, $500 & $1000. Click onto each product to know about them. 仲有一星期便聖誕節了,我們準備了禮物指南,分別按照不同價錢 $200, $500 和 $1000 以下去選購。以下是為大家精心挑選禮品,可以點擊網物品閲讀更多關於貨品。


Christmas Coffee ($148)
Prana Chai ($148)
UCR x Fossa “Banko Gotitit” Coffee Chocolate Bar ($78)
UCR T-Shirt ($180) 

GEM Coffee Dripper ($348)
Clever Grace Dripper and Filter Paper (large) set ($348)
UCR Gift Card ( $280) 
UCR Sweater ($280)

UNDER 1000
Brewista kettle (only for matte blk/pearl w) ($988)
Purefresh grinder (only for filter blk) ($880)
Coffee subscription (6 month) (from $698) 





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