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2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯
Urban Coffee Roaster

2-WayCup 雙緣品飲杯

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The 2-Way Cup is not just a cup; it's a coffee lover's innovation that redefines the coffee-tasting experience. 

Crafted with passion and precision, this unique cup offers a dual-tasting design, providing two distinct flavor profiles within a single vessel. Available in various sizes, it accommodates every coffee moment and ritual. 

The 2-Way Cup is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering a superior coffee journey.

The Coffee Reimagined

With the 2-Way Cup, your coffee experience is reimagined. It's not just a vessel; it's a gateway to discovering a world of flavors. The dual-tasting design allows you to explore two unique flavor profiles within a single cup. Whether you're sipping espresso, tea, or full-bodied coffee, the 2-Way Cup offers versatility and a personalized experience for every coffee enthusiast. 

The 2-Way Cup comes in various sizes to accommodate your specific coffee moments, ensuring that your favorite brews are enjoyed to the fullest. As we overcame manufacturing challenges, we remained committed to our mission: to redefine your coffee journey and introduce you to a world of rich, diverse flavors. The 2-Way Cup is the embodiment of our passion for coffee, and it's here to elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

How Does it Work?

The concept revolves around delivering the drink to different parts of your tongue, resulting in diverse drinking experiences. 

A narrower rim directs the drink to the front and middle of your tongue, yielding sweeter and more intense flavors with a heavier body. 

Meanwhile, the flared rim directs the drink to the rear of your tongue, spreading it wider, enhancing aroma, floral notes, and prolonging the aftertaste with a silkier body.


While many cups on the market cater to a single type of coffee experience, the 2-way cups are designed for multiple tasting experiences. Selecting the perfect cup for drinking coffee is as important as picking the right brewing tool. Choosing the right cup could take you to a new level of drinking experience.

1. Two-in-One Experience
Enjoy two distinct tasting experiences with one cup.

2. Versatile Sizing 
The 2-way cup came in two sizes. Choose between a small cup (130ml) for espresso, sharing filter coffee, tea, and sake, or a large cup (330ml) for a full cup of filter coffee or an Americano.

3. Flavor-Enhancing Design 
Experience sweeter and more intense flavors from the narrow rim.  Richer aromas and longer aftertaste with the flared rim.

4. Unique Color Choices
Each cup's color corresponds to flavor profiles, helping you remember your preferred brews.
Orange: Orange blossoms, Bergamot
Purple: Violet, Grapes
Pink: Peach, Berries
Green: White grapes, Melon, Herbal
Grey: Nutty 

5. Innovative Manufacturing
Developed after rigorous research and development, these cups are manufactured with precision.

6. Coffee Championship Approved
Perfect for coffee competitions, where judges can experience two flavors in one cup.   

Who is it for?  
Imagine having a cup that offers two distinct drinking experiences, a game-changer for coffee shops, home brewers, and even coffee competitions. 

Most coffee competitions only allow one cup per judge. In 2022, Gary introduced the world to a groundbreaking 2-way drinking experience at the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship and the Hong Kong Barista Championship, where he served espresso in a single cup, giving them two unique drinking experiences.

Why Choose Hand-Painted Color? 
We love how the way hand-painted color came softer, lighter, and uneven, it’s what brings each cup so unique. What you guys holding on hand is more than a functional vessel, but a hand-crafted art piece. 

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1. 什麼是雙緣品飲杯?




2. 它是什麼原理?


3. 它的特點是什麼?

揀選完美的咖啡杯與選擇適合的沖泡工具其實同樣重要。 挑選合適的杯子能將你的飲用體驗提升到更高的味道層次。



共有兩種尺寸。 小杯 (130 毫升) 適合享用濃縮咖啡、分享手沖咖啡、茶和清酒。而大杯 (330 毫升) 就適合享用一整杯手沖咖啡或美式咖啡等。





4. 適合什麼人使用?


2022 年的世界咖啡調酒比賽中,Gary以雙緣品飲杯來盛載參賽咖啡,並首次向世界各地的咖啡評審展示這項突破性的雙向品飲體驗,利用一杯兩口的設計,為評審帶來充滿層次的味覺享受。

5. 為什麼選擇手繪顏色?
我們喜歡手繪帶來淡淡柔和而不均勻的顏色,令每一隻雙緣品飲杯都變得獨一無二。 你們手上拿著的不僅僅是一個實用的容器,而是一件手工製作的藝術品。無論你是將它用於品飲咖啡還是展示在家中,它都會為你帶來獨特的美感和享受。 

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