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Monthly Coffee Subscription (Espresso Bean) - Urban Coffee Roaster
Monthly Coffee Subscription (Espresso Bean) - Urban Coffee Roaster
Urban Coffee Roaster

Monthly Coffee Subscription (Espresso Bean)

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Take the coffee adventure with us by joining the UCR subscription plan!

We provide single origins for those seeking interesting tasting experiences for brewing espresso.
With the monthly subscription plan, you could receive up to 3 different cans (200g each) of roaster's pick coffee (Maximum 36 different coffee per annum!!!). This plan not only shows you the seasonality of coffee which we source around the globe but also saves your pocket as the price of the plan can be up to 40% discount against the selected coffee's usual price!

Kindly note that the last day to start joining the plan in the upcoming month is the 26th day (HKT) of the current month. By creating an account on our website, you may amend your subscription at any time. Please note recurring payments will be charged by the date of your purchase and later on every 27th of the month.

Delivery schedule: 
We roast the subscription coffee in the first week of the month and to despatch within the same week. For local shop pickup, the earliest pickup time is 5pm, on Thursday of the roasting week.


*Price is NOT included for shipping fee & extra taxes under certain customs regulations in some areas


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