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SIBARIST FAST Specialty Coffee Filter Paper (FLAT)
Urban Coffee Roaster

SIBARIST FAST Specialty Coffee Filter Paper (FLAT)

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SIBARIST FAST is a specialty coffee filter paper invented and made by Sibarist Coffee in Barcelona. This filter paper has a very low retention, offering a very fast extraction. The greater filtering speed provided by the FAST allows you to modify the recipes with values which slower filters do not permit, such as using finer and therefore more uniform grinding, using more, shorter pours, or different quantities of coffee. The aim is to succeed in extracting the desired flavors from each coffee.


Features of FAST Filter Paper:

  • package of 25 units
  • adapt to flat bottom shaped coffee dripper
  • 100% organic fibres from controlled plantations.
  • made in Barcelona
  • for 1-4 cups


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