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MaskOn._  Fabric Freshener Spray (Sweet Sandalwood) - Urban Coffee Roaster
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MaskOn._ Fabric Freshener Spray (Sweet Sandalwood)

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The Sweet Sandalwood Nano-EO spray is formulated to be used on fabrics and other soft textile surfaces. Safe to spray on all clothing and fabric surfaces, the Sweet Sandalwood fragrance is neutral and pleasant. 
Contains: water-soluble sandalwood and amber fragrance, water-soluble sweet orange essential oil, peppermint essential oil
  • Each bottle contains 300 ml
  • Tested by Bioscience Labs (USA) to effectively kill 99.9% of the Coronavirus
  • Patented ABV film forming technology to form a 24-hour long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial protective layer
  • Alcohol-free, water based formula does not irritate the skin, passing multiple skin and oral allergy tests
  • Moisturising ingredients cleanse and nourish hands (for multi-purpose spray only)
*Antiviral test (ASTM E1053-20) – 30-minute exposure to virus 
**Antibacterial test (ISO 22196:2011) – 24 hour after application on surface 
*This product is ONLY  available in HK
*Price is NOT included for any extra custom taxes in some areas if any.