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DiFluid Microbalance Titan Scale
DiFluid Microbalance Titan Scale
DiFluid Microbalance Titan Scale
Urban Coffee Roaster

DiFluid Microbalance Titan Scale

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DiFluid Microbalance Titan Scale 專為咖啡沖泡設計,具有秤重、計時、計算、記錄、連網等一系列功能,適用於Filter及Espresso咖啡豆。電子秤可離線使用,亦可配合Difluid專為咖啡沖煮設施的DiFluid Café App使用。


  • 準確度高:具有 0.1g 的精確度,能準確量度一粒咖啡豆的重量
  • 全自動計時系統:開始注水時會自動顯示當前流量
  • 操作簡單及方便記錄: 可使用藍芽連結手機應用程式及Difluid R2 Extract咖啡濃度測試儀使用,以圖表方式記錄沖煮時間及流量,並分析咖啡的 TDS 值


  • 產品尺寸 (長*闊*高):135mm * 135mm * 26.5mm
  • 最大起秤重量:3000g
  • 最小起秤重量:0.2g
  • 精準度:0.1g
  • 分度值:<1000g = 0.1g
                    >1000g = 1g
  • 測量單位:克/盎司/格令
  • 充電接口:USB-C


  • 電子秤
  • 隔熱矽膠墊
  • 充電線

DiFluid Microbalance Titan Scale is a professional, smart, digital coffee scale which is designed specifically for brewing coffee, with a series of functions including weighing, timing, calculating, recording, and networking, for use with pour-over coffee, espresso and other scenarios. The scale can be used both stand-alone and with DiFluid Café App.

DiFluid Café displays Microbalance's data in a clean, an easy to read chart including flow rate, time, and weight.

Product Features

  • High accuracy: With an accuracy of 0.1g, it can accurately measure the weight of a coffee bean
  • Automatic timing: the water flow rate will be automatically displayed when you start filling water
  • Easy to use and record: can connect with the mobile app and the DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee TDS Refractometer to record the brewing time and flow rate in a chart, and analyze the TDS value of the coffee as well
Product Details
  • Size (length*width*height):135mm * 135mm * 26.5mm
  • Max Weight:3000g
  • Min Weight:0.2g
  • Precision:0.1g
  • Resolution:<1000g = 0.1g
                           >1000g = 1g
  • Units:g/oz/gr
  • Charging Port:USB-C
Product Included
  • Scale
  • Heat-Insulating Silicone Mat
  • Charging Cable