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UCR x Mr. Taro Mid-Autumn Mooncake & Coffee Boxset
UCR x Mr. Taro Mid-Autumn Mooncake & Coffee Boxset
Urban Coffee Roaster

UCR x Mr. Taro Mid-Autumn Mooncake & Coffee Boxset

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今年中秋節,我們非常高興與本地烘焙店Mr. Taro合作,製作出精美的中秋月餅x咖啡禮盒。

由於新鮮製作,不加任何防腐劑,禮盒只供在UCR TST或UCR CWB門店提取,訂購時間由即日起至2020年9月23日凌晨。

i)2020年9月18日至2020年9月20日(9月18日晚上7點以後) (已完結)

UCR x Mr. Taro 中秋月餅及咖啡禮盒包含:

Mr. Taro經典流心奶黃月餅x2
Mr. Taro拉絲芝士芋頭月餅x2


-尺寸:270 x 200 x 50毫米
-月餅由Mr. Taro製作

This year Mid-Autumn Festival, we are super excited to announce a collaboration with a local bakery Mr. Taro in creating a indulgent mooncake x coffee boxset.

Availble pickup ONLY at UCR TST and UCR CWB stores (due to the very limited storage life). Order from now until midnight of 23 September 2020

Pickup schedule:
i) 18/09/2020 to 20/09/2020 (available after 7pm on 18 Sept) (finished)
ii) 25/09/2020 to 27/09/2020 (available after 7pm on 25 Sept)


UCR x Mr. Taro Mid-Autumn Mooncake & Coffee Boxset contains:

  • Mr. Taro Classic Assorted Lava Mooncake x2
  • Mr. Taro Brushed Cheese Taro Mooncake x2
  • UCR Mid-Autumn Blend Coffee Steep Bag x8


Features of the Mid-Autumn Boxset:

  • Dimensions: 270 x 200 x 50 mm
  • Mooncakes are all created and made by Mr. Taro
  • Mooncakes shall be consumed in 3 days at room temperature while can keep up to 2 weeks upon freezing under -18°C
  • Mooncakes are recommended to reheat in oven at 200°C for 2min before consumption
  • Coffee steep bags are carefully selected and packaged by UCR team
  • Each coffee steep bag is packaged with nitrogen, which is best to keep the unique flavor of the coffee
  • Expect flavors of floral, pomelo and star fruit


*This product is ONLY available in HK and ONLY for Shop Pickup

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