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UCR Cold Brew Coffee Tonic
UCR Cold Brew Coffee Tonic
Urban Coffee Roaster

UCR Cold Brew Coffee Tonic

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UCR Cold Brew Coffee Tonic is the world's first ever canned coffee tonic. We choose an Ethiopian coffee blend for cold brew and mix well with tonic syrup. You could expect notes of bright citrus, lemon zest and a well-balanced finish



Features of UCR Cold Brew Coffee Tonic:

  • Cold Brew Coffee Tonic is designed and made by UCR team
  • Volume of each can is 330ml, with 4 cans in each pack
  • Each can contains water, coffee and tonic syrup only 
  • Coffee beans are roasted by UCR, with the selection of a blend (1) Ethiopia Guji Mormora Natural and (2) Ethiopia Bombe Washed
  • Recommend to store in a dry and cool place. Refrigerate after opening or consume immediately
  • Please note each can contains caffeine around 1.5 cups of regular coffee




*This product is ONLY available in HK