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6-month Coffee Subscription

698 HKD

Becoming a UCR subscriber can bring you some exciting and enjoyable coffee from month to month!  You only need to choose the type of subscription and your quantity, then we will take care the rest of them! With the 6-month subscription plan, we will send you 200g of selected filter beans every month.

We roast the coffee beans on Monday and deliver on the first Wednesday of every month. Our subscription plan brings you the seasonality of coffee in terms of the coffee beans we choose to roast.

The subscription plan helps coffee lovers to save money. There will be a 20-30% discount on average when compared with the usual price!

PLEASE note that the cut-off time for placing your subscription order is 6am, the 27th day of every month.

Remarks: The refund program of used 200g recyclable cans is not applicable for the coffee subscription.

*For international shipping, it takes around 7-14 working days for delivery.


Urban Coffee Roaster, established in 2014, is an authentic brand from Hong Kong. U.C.R. was co-founded by two coffee enthusiasts with a primary aspiration to supply freshly roasted specialty coffee beans from carefully picked origins.

Quality and Consistency have always been our first priority. To accomplish this, we have a modern plant with cutting edge facilities together with a team comprised of Sourcing, Roasting, Quality Control, Sensory, Brewing expertise.

On top of supplying coffee beans, U.C.R. has expertise in mobile coffee services, including event driven coffee catering, such as corporate events, farmers' markets or private events. 



U.C.R. supplies coffee beans to different corporate clients ranging from cafés and restaurants serving high-quality coffee, home baristas who pursue quality home brewed coffee, and to, of course, individuals who wish to pursue the best coffee for the coffee competitions.

We understand that it takes a lot of effort to set up a coffee counter from scratch. As a way to share our expertise, we provide complimentary consultancy service to our coffee supply partners. If you are interested in serving our coffees or have other inquiries, please contact us via info@ucr.hk



Since late 2014, U.C.R. has grown to be a brand with a sophisticated roasting plant and 3 cafe outlets.



135 Lai Chi Kwok Road, Prince Edward

+852 91574859

Mon-Fri: 11:00-19:00

Sat-Sun, PH: 09:00-18:00




7 Bristol Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

+852 23633661

Mon-Fri: 08:00-22:00

Sat-Sun, PH: 08:00-22:30